7th Graders Place First in ‘Power of the Pen’ Tournament

On Saturday, February 4, 2017, 7th and 8th graders from Lewis F. Mayer Middle School participated in the Cuyahoga Heights District Power of the Pen Tournament. They competed against 18 other schools from the county.

The 7th grade team was the top team in the tournament, placing first overall. Individual awards include: Logan H.- 10th place, Alyssa W.- 9th place, Kyra S.- 6th place, and Lisa C.- 3rd place. Jenna P. and Kayla J. received strong scores to help place the Warriors in first!

The 8th grade team had a strong showing at the tournament. Kaily M., Ashlyn E., Aaron D., Tyler D. and Grace M. all had excellent rounds and each writer has a strong case to make the regional tournament in April. Wyatt K., 7th grader, did a fantastic job stepping up and writing with the 8th graders.

Contestants who qualify in the top 50% (approximate) will go on to the Regional at Padua Franciscan High School on April 1, 2017, where they will meet qualifiers from the District Tournament at Monticello Middle School.

Power of the Pen™ is a non-profit educational writing program, which targets 7th and 8th grade students in Ohio. At three levels of competition (District, Regional, and State), students participate in three rounds of impromptu writing and receive instant feedback from judges.

Through a series of interscholastic writing tournaments, designed for students in grades 7 and 8, POWER OF PEN encourages schools to develop writing teams, allows young writers to meet, compete, and receive recognition and awards for excellence in three rounds of impromptu writing, and offers immediate feedback from teacher coaches who act as judges on the quality of their written expression. The project trains teachers to grade student work holistically; provides materials for pre-tournament practice and post-tournament follow-up activities; and identifies strongholds of excellence from which methods and techniques used in successful writing programs may exported and shared. Formal opportunities for professional development are also provided to all schools that enroll on an on-going basis. More than 8,000 students will compete in formal Power of the Pen interscholastic writing tournaments in most counties in Ohio.



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