Agreement reached with Geoffrey Andrews: Updated Q&A

After an extensive mediation conducted by Jack Beuttner, former Director of Field Operations for the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, the Board has reached an agreement that is fair to all parties and, most importantly, allows our District to move past this unfortunate incident and turn the page to a new chapter for our district. This settlement – which includes a single payment of $150,000, enables the District to avoid potentially costly and protracted litigation – and all the time and disruption that typically accompanies such litigation. We also are pleased to note that Ohio School Boards Association recognized its role in the circumstances that allowed Mr. Andrews to emerge as our sole finalist for the Superintendent position and is contributing to the settlement costs.

Download full settlement agreement.


Q. Why is the district paying Geoffrey Andrews $150,000?
The agreement we reached with Mr. Andrews enables the District to avoid potentially costly and protracted litigation – and all the time and disruption that typically accompanies litigation.

Q. Does the $150,000 settlement include legal fees and crisis management fees?
A. No. The one-time $150,000 payment does not include legal fees and crisis management fees.

Q. What is the total cost for legal fees, mediation and crisis management support as it relates to the Andrews’ situation?
A. Current legal, crisis and mediation bills through July of 2014 total $55,257.13 (Updated 9/16/14)

Q. How much is OSBA contributing to the settlement costs?
OSBA is refunding their base fee for the search, totaling $6,900.00. Download OSBA Superintendent Search Contract.

Q. Will Mr. Andrews’ Superintendent’s license be revoked as a result of this situation?
A. The district is not in a position to discuss or infer the outcome of this settlement as it relates to Mr. Andrews’ licensure status.

Q. Will an insurance policy or bond help fund the settlement, or will those dollars come directly from the general fund account?
A. The Board is currently exploring insurance options as it relates to the payment of the settlement fees, but does not anticipate any coverage regarding the Andrews’ situation.

Q. Will the Board change the way it conducts public meetings to allow for more public participation?
Members of the Board’s policy committee plan to meet in the coming months to thoroughly review the district’s policy as it relates to public participation at Board Meetings.

Q. What is the Board’s plan to avoid these mistakes when the search for a permanent superintendent begins?
Conversations are underway to help identify ways to improve our search firm selection and reference checking process.

Q. Has the Board contributed any of their Board wages toward this settlement?
No, not at this time.

Q. What’s Andrews’ side to this?
The agreement specifically details the events that transpired to make it impossible for Mr. Andrews to succeed at this time in Fairview Park. Download agreement.

Q. How are you going to inform community members who do not have access to technology?
In addition to the district website, the Board has utilized local media via the WestLife Newspaper and The Plain Dealer/Sun News to deliver our message(s) and statements as it relates to the settlement agreement. Members of the community are always welcome to call the board offices to schedule a meeting to discuss any questions or concerns they may have regarding this situation.

Q. Is a school levy on the horizon?
The district currently has an unencumbered operating budget carry over in excess of $16.8 million and does not anticipate a levy request for additional money in the near future.

Q. When does each board member come up for reelection?
Board member term information can be found on the district website via http://www.fairviewparkschools.org/leadership/board-of-education/

Q. When was notice of the August 5th Special Board Meeting given to the Communications Director to post to the website?
Per district policy, advance notice of all regular and special meetings are to be provided to the community media. The Special Meeting notice for the August 5th Special Meeting was sent to the appropriate media channels and the Communications Director on Monday, August 4.

Q. Why were citizens informed of the August 5th Special Board Meeting less then 12 hours prior to the meeting?
Meetings are posted on the district web site and calendar as soon as possible following the decision to hold the meeting. You can view our district calendar via: http://www.fairviewparkschools.org/calendar/

This page will be updated as additional questions are submitted. To submit additional questions or comments, please e-mail communications@fairview.k12.oh.us.


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