Student Spotlight: Tyler D. and the FPCS Broadcast Network

tyler d broadcast network

Tyler broadcasts play-by-plays of high school sporting events on the FPCS Broadcast Network.

If you’ve attended any basketball games lately, you’ve likely noticed a student broadcaster on the sidelines. Tyler D., an 8th grader at Mayer Middle School, is quickly becoming known as the voice of Fairview athletics.

Tyler streams a live play-by-play of the JV and Varsity home basketball games on the Mixlr FPCS Broadcast Network channel.

So far there have been over 1,000 listens and the channel is gaining followers with each broadcast. Click here to listen to recorded broadcasts.

We sat down with Tyler to ask him more:

FPCS: Where did the idea for the FPCS Broadcast Network come from? What was the process for getting it up and running?
TD: Prior to coming in to 8th grade, I was an aspiring broadcaster looking for options to broadcast for sports. I talked to the Principal, Mr. Mohr, about what my options were if I stayed at Fairview the next year, instead of attending my other high school option, a private high school, which had a broadcast network up and running. Mr. Mohr told my father, Curtis, and I to schedule a meeting with Mr. Kaminski (Digital Media Teacher) to talk about broadcast options. The meeting went well, but football season for the high school team had passed, so our focus became Fairview High School basketball. I started coming to the Innovation Center before school and worked on broadcasting possibilities. I then proposed an idea to Mr. Kaminski and Mr. Dunlap (Technology Coordinator) about starting our own broadcasting network. We wanted to look at live sports broadcasts, and wanted to start with live radio streaming on Mixlr, which provided links and embed codes that we could put on our social media accounts, which is one of the ways we publicize the broadcasting network. I have decided to stay at Fairview High School, and I am excited to see what is ahead of my high school career and the tenure and run as an FPCSBN broadcaster.

FPCS: What do you like most about broadcasting the basketball games/sporting events?
 I like broadcasting the high school sporting events because of the hostility of the high school crowd, or a student section going crazy after a big play. I think that is the highlight of broadcasting the big games.

FPCS: What other ideas do you have for the broadcast network — and where do you see it a year from now?
TD: My hope for the broadcast network is to go widespread and branch off into a more local sensation, with broadcasts from different schools, but my biggest goal for the FPCSBN in the later years is to have heirs and heiresses that could take over or keep the FPCSBN going for a long run.

tyler d broadcast network

“What I like most about broadcasting the high school sporting events is the hostility of the high school crowd, or a student sections going crazy after a big play.” – Tyler D.

FPCS: What are your personal goals with this platform? Are they related to a career path you are interested in? 
TD: My personal goals for the platform of broadcasting is to be a primetime sports play-by-play broadcaster for ESPN and its sports affiliate ABC, broadcasting football college and professional, basketball, college and professional, and my favorite sport to broadcast, baseball.

FPCS: How do you think your fellow students, teachers, and the community can become more engaged in the broadcast network?TD: I think my fellow students and teachers could be engaged in the broadcast network by listening, supporting in different ways, and even asking for ways to get students involved for the broadcast network.

We also asked Tyler who inspires him and if he has what he considers a “broadcast idol.” Since his father works in Communications for the Cleveland Indians, he’s had an opportunity to meet and mentor with many local sports broadcasters over the years. Tyler said he likes to reflect many sports broadcasters’ individual announcing styles in his own broadcasts to create the “perfect recipe for success.”

Follow the FPCS Broadcast Network on Mixlr and Twitter. You can hear Tyler’s next live broadcast on Friday, February 3 starting with the JV game at approx. 5:55 p.m. and Varsity starting at 6:55 p.m.

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