The Fairview Advantage

fairview advantage graphicThe Fairview Advantage Framework

Fairview Park City Schools has taken a bold and dynamic step forward to align our mission and vision to make our school district a leader in innovation and success. 

Mission: We will provide our students with The Fairview Advantage, a framework for student success, by delivering exceptional services and academic programs that challenge the mind and instill the joy of learning and responsible citizenship. 

Vision: A Community united, empowering each other to learn differently, care deeply, and aspire to excellence. 

We believe that developing competent, well-rounded students with lifelong skills is critical to their success. We provide a broad spectrum of unique learning experiences that will prepare them for the future.

Learn more about the various visionary aspects of FPCS’s innovative schools by reading below.

  • Personalized, project-based learning
  • Electronic Portfolios
  • Mentoring
  • Summit Learning Platform (grades 6-10)
  • Before/After School and Winter/Spring Break Tutoring and Support
  • One-to-one instructional technology
  • Early Learning (Pre-K and Kindergarten) Enhancement
  • Summer Extended Learning Opportunities
  • Dr. John Babel, Jr. Innovation Center at Fairview High School
  • Sophomore Innovation Challenge
  • Junior Project
  • Senior Exit Interviews
  • Global Day of Design
  • Day of Code
  • Design-Focus
  • Teacher Collaborative Time
  • STEAM/Maker Opportunities
  • Branching Minds
  • Future Ready Schools
  • Formative Instructional Practices
  • ICLE Quadrant D Focus
  • Standards/Competency-based Grading
  • DLT driven PD-Days

The Fairview Advantage includes a student skills profile, a unique set of attributes that set our students above the rest in preparation for success. Students will graduate with a full portfolio of these skills to take into the workforce or apply in college or post-secondary career options. 


We use a wide range of techniques to develop original ideas. We view failure as an opportunity to learn, and understand that analyzing and refining ideas is necessary for innovation to occur.

We can develop a successful solution to a real-world problem when a new task is presented. We can act on creative ideas to make tangible and useful contributions to the world.

We access, evaluate, and use information efficiently, effectively, and accurately for the issue or problem at hand. We can manage the flow of information from a wide variety of sources.

We work with a variety of people from diverse cultures and those who have different experiences and perspectives to discuss issues, resolve problems, and share responsibility fairly. We choose and use appropriate technologies to create shared products.

We communicate respectfully, responsibly, and appropriately in a variety of situations, including face-to-face, written, and digital.

We solve different kinds of problems in both conventional and innovative ways. We ask significant questions that clarify various points of view and lead to better solutions.

We publish our work because we believe that we can make a difference in the world. We demonstrate understanding, friendliness, and politeness toward others and conduct ourselves with integrity.

We reflect on the quality of our work, thoughtfully consider feedback from others, and strive to improve both our strengths and weaknesses.

We care about others as well as ourselves. We actively pursue opportunities that make a positive difference in the lives of the people around us as well as those around the world with empathy, mindfulness, and respect.

Our positioning statements: 

  • We believe that each student deserves an opportunity to achieve his or her potential. Therefore, we must recognize each student as an individual and support their learning accordingly.
  • We believe that developing competent, well-rounded students with lifelong skills is critical to their success. Therefore, we must provide a broad spectrum of learning experiences that will prepare them for the future.
  • We believe families and students are a critical part of all facets of student development.Therefore, we must encourage them to work closely with the schools and the educators.
  • We believe that the Community is an important part of the success of the district. Therefore, we must invite the Community to partner with the district in a variety of ways.
  • We believe that we have an obligation to be trusted stewards.Therefore, we must be transparent, be responsible in managing the resources provided to us, and communicate well.

Our Goals:

1. LEARNING — Ensure that our offerings, tools, and instruction methods work together to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for each child to be successful.

2. READINESS — Establish a personalized path for each student that allows him or her to move fluidly from pre-K through their post-graduation opportunities.

3. RESOURCES — Identify and articulate the resources needed to meet the district’s goals and prioritize the management of the resources provided.

4. ENGAGEMENT — Integrate the district with the Community to ensure awareness and active participation in the education process.

Download the Fairview Advantage/Strategic Plan PDF