2018 Renewal Levy Information

Voters in Fairview Park will see Issue 5, a RENEWAL, on the ballot for the Fairview Park City School District. The ballot language is pictured below. Note that there is no “emergency.” An Emergency levy is property tax that serves as a limited operating levy proposed for a specific dollar amount. Emergency levies may be renewed for the dollar amount originally requested. This particular emergency levy has been renewed twice (in 2008 and 2012) by voters since it was originally approved in 2003, and maintains $2.69 million of existing funding.

5 Facts on Issue 5

1.  Renewing the levy is critical to help extend the current operating budget to the year 2020.

2.  The operating budget includes teacher and staff  salaries, benefits, maintenance and supplies, fuel, utilities, and instructional supplies.

3.  This levy generates $2,690,000 annually for operating expenses of the district (17.25%) of the operating budget.

4.  Passage of the renewal levy is crucial to maintain the current quality of teaching and continue to provide important educational opportunities for our students.

5.  Failure of this levy would require drastic cuts in  personnel (salaries and benefits are 80% of the district’s operating budget) and programs.

Did you know? The passage of November’s renewal levy will be critical to helping us extend the current operating budget to the year 2020, effectively stretching the 5 Year Community Promise from the levy campaign back in 2006 for over 14 years!


Resource: Understanding Levies Fact Sheet 


Passage of this levy will ensure that students continue to receive the same support they are currently receiving from:

• Classroom teachers, educational classroom aides and tutors

• Nurses, counselors, librarians and support staff

• Programs for students

• Student transportation

• Resources for addressing individual student learning needs.


Ballot Language You’ll See


Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t the district just pass a levy in 2016? 

The 2016 levy was a bond and permanent improvement levy. These funds can ONLY be used for construction and
renovation. The district construction project is underway with an anticipated completion date of spring 2020.

Why is the levy called an Emergency levy?

This term “Emergency” is defined by the state of Ohio (that’s what you’ll see in the actual ballot language) but there is no emergency. “Emergency” levies raise a flat dollar amount instead of a specific millage rate.

How will renewal of the operating levy impact my property taxes?

This is a renewal. A school levy can only bring in the amount of dollars for which it was originally approved. If property values increase, the millage is reduced by the county to only collect the dollar amount for which it was approved.


Resource: District Revenue and Expenditures

Resource: Tax Issues Voting History


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