Fairview High School honors championship Warrior teams with new display

FHS Athletic Championship Display

The new Athletic Championship Display at Fairview High School is located in the main event entrance to the school.

January 11, 2022


With the newly completed construction at Fairview High School, it was important that the school still find ways to remember the past.

In November, the school installed a new Athletic Championship Display in the main event entranceway and vestibule at the school. The display honors the rich history of Warriors athletic teams throughout the years, going back to 1951. The 90 photos show each of the school’s league championship athletic teams, along with the names of the participants.

The new display replaces over 100 framed photos hung in the old athletic hallway, which had begun to show wear and tear. The need to update the area existed even before the school’s new construction project even began, according to Principal Chris Vicha.

“Pre-construction project, the old athletic wing looked extremely dated,” Vicha explained. “The photos were in individual frames. Someone had done their best with 1970s and 1980s technology to print out or type the names of the participants on a piece of paper. The frames were broken, some of the names were missing, and they weren’t necessarily in order.”

Each photo was removed from the original display, scanned, and then edited in Photoshop with help from the school’s Digital Media Teacher, Chris Kaminski. The new display features five panels, each four feet wide, printed on acrylic. The bottom of the panels feature words from the school’s alma mater, “every heart holds precious memories.”

The display was created locally by Vista Color Imaging and was made possible by a donation from the Fairview High School Alumni Association and a gift from the Class of 2021.

“I think the project happened at the right time because of the revitalization and modernizing of the school,” Kaminski added. “And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s maintaining your history but modernizing your history. We didn’t have to keep the old frames just because we had them.”

The reception to the new display from students, parents, and alumni has been very positive.

“I purposefully stood down there the day after it was installed to see the kids’ faces as they came in,” Vicha recalled. “They just clustered themselves down there for a good 10 or 20 minutes just looking at the photos. That was more time than I’ve seen kids look at those photos in my time here, the last 15 years.”

As future Warrior athletic teams win league championships, the panels can be adjusted to display them. In addition, the school also has plans to update displays for each of the distinguished alumni and staff hall of fame. However, the school needs to raise funds to complete both projects.

Vicha hopes projects like these, including the Athletic Championship Display, inspire current students to excel and always do their best at school and in athletics.

“We’ve had some very successful teams here,” Vicha expressed. “It’s important that kids understand the history of this place and who has walked the halls. And, the opportunities that they have and what they can do in hopes of getting their picture up on the wall.”

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