$76,300 in local scholarships awarded to Fairview graduating class of 2021

The 2021 Scholars Reception was held on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium at Fairview High School. This annual “salute to scholars” recognizes students who excel in and out the classroom with local scholarships and endowments. We thank our community for their continued support of our students.

Congratulations to the following students, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors:

Phi Beta Kappa Award – Isabella Kolodny

Charles E. Kullik Scholarship – Logan Harvey

Ohio PTA Memorial Scholarship – Hailey Weaver

Ohio Association of School Business Officials – Dylan Carson

Karen S. Herbst Memorial Scholarship for Nursing – Noemi Andrade Jimenez and Alyssa Klauminzer

Class of 1964 “Great Expectations” Scholarship – Tyler Danburg and Logan Harvey

FHS Alumni Association – Paige Anders


John C. Haney Foundation Scholarship – Declan Jewitt
Photo forthcoming


Fairview Park Education Association Scholarship – Paige Anders

PTA Council Scholarship – Hailey Weaver, Logan Harvey, Tyler Danburg

FHS/MMS PTA Scholarship – Jack Munro and Paige Anders

Gilles-Sweet PTA Scholarship – Lily Palisin

Parkview PTA Scholarship – Samantha Mei

Early Childhood PTA Scholarship – Dylan Carson

Fairview Park Women’s Club Scholarship – Jenna Reitz, Paige Anders, Jade Peace

West Shore Rotary Scholarship – Jenna Reitz

Fairview Park Youth Association Scholarships

Tim Hughes Scholarship – Molly Hoskin and Grace Enold

Elmer Etzler Scholarship – Tyler Danburg 

General Scholarship – Kirsten Van Zante and Logan Harvey 

Fairview Park Education Foundation Scholarships:

Dr. John Babel Memorial Scholarship – Jade Peace 

Dr. Frank W. Barr Memorial Scholarship – Molly Hoskin

Marylou Chalfant Memorial Social Studies Scholarship – Logan Harvey

Bruce Linden Cherkala Memorial Scholarship – Olivia Miller

Maureen Cundiff Memorial Scholarship – Grace Enold

Laura Dean Memorial Scholarship – Maya Jallad and Lily Palisin

Shirley Docherty Memorial Scholarship – Sydney Greenwell

Fairview High School Class of 2020 COVID-19 Scholarship – Ayah Shehadeh

Fred J. & Betty J. Helwig Memorial – Jessenia Cedeno

Zuhair Jallad Memorial – Ian Cepek

Robert V. & Rose T. Kindmueller Memorial – Tyler Danburg

Dorothy Grabb Memorial Scholarship – Dylan Carson

Judson Graab Memorial – Aaron Deutsch

Richard Stuewe Fairview Park Education Foundation Memorial Scholarship – Hailey Weaver

Richard Stuewe Alumni Hall of Fame Memorial Scholarship – Rachel Feher

Lewis F. Mayer Memorial – Samantha Mei

Fairview Park Education Foundation – Maeve Mesaros

Richard C. & Louise K Nickerson Memorial Scholarship – Jack Munro and Jenna Reitz

Fred J. & Betty J. Helwig Memorial – Anna Newbacher and Jessenia Cedeno

Maxine Field Memorial Scholarship – Sarah Verburg 

M. Frank and Margie Rudy Endowment Fund Scholarship – Aaron Deutsch

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