• Naviance is a college and career readiness program that provides college planning and career assessment tools for Fairview Park Schools students. It allows counselors the ability to track the progress of individual students, communicate, and collaborate with students and families.  Additionally, Naviance’s integration with the Common Application facilitates the submission of college applications, as well as transcripts, school forms, and recommendations. 

    Naviance tools available for students and families:

    • College Searching
    • College and career research and matching tools
    • Personality tests and interest inventories
    • Four-year course planning
    • Resume building
    • Surveys to help connect what students are doing in the classroom to what they might wish to pursue in the future
    • Scholarships: local and national searches
    • Road Trip Nation: short kid-friendly interviews of people in a wide range of careers across the country
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Naviance Curriculum

  • Grade 9

  • Grade 10

  • Grade 11

  • Grade 12