Kindergarten and New Student Registration

      STEP 1: General Registration Information

      • We will offer families the opportunity to complete the Kindergarten and new student registration process entirely online, no in-person registration required. Once the online registration link is available,  you will be able to upload scans or photos of documents directly into the registration system.

        Read all the Kindergarten and new student registration information carefully before you begin.

        If you have additional questions, please contact the Fairview Park Board of Education at (440) 331-5500.

      STEP 2: Review Required Documents

      • Proof of Birth

      • Parent/Guardian Identification

      • Proof of Residency - A, B and C

      • Immunization and Health Records

      • Custody Papers

      • Special Education Students

      STEP 4: Review Frequently Asked Questions

      • At what age can my child attend Kindergarten at FPCS?

      • What is the fee for Kindergarten at FPCS?

      • How do I enroll my child into Kindergarten?

      • How will I know when my child's bus will pick them up?

      • What supplies will my child need to bring?

      • What is the cost of lunch? How do I set up a lunch account?

      • When can I meet my child's teacher?

      • What are the before and after school care options?

      • Is all-day kindergarten required in Ohio?

      • What if I have another question?

      STEP 6: Begin online Kindergarten and New Student Registration Process