Fairview Park City School District Strategic Plan

  • The Fairview Park City Schools is dedicated to sharing our strategic plan for the future. Our plan includes:

    • Our Vision
      • The preferred future...aspirational but attainable
    • Our Mission
      • The overall purpose of an organization
    • Goals
      • Broad, long-term aims that define fulfillment of the mission
    • Belief Statements
      • Why we are called to action and what we are called to do

Our Vision

  • A community united, empowering each other to learn differently, care deeply, and aspire to excellence.

Our Mission

  • We will deliver exceptional academic programs and services that challenge the mind, instill the joy of learning, and promote responsible citizenship.

Our Goals

      Future Ready Focus

      • Integrate life skills, rigorous learning, and innovative methods by providing relevant, real-world experiences that will prepare our students for any future.

      Soft Skill Development

      • Develop the tools to effectively communicate with others and confidently interact in our global environment.

      Human-Technology Balance

      • Deliver quality academics, weaving human connections with state-of-the-art technology.

      Social-Emotional Supports

      • Social-Emotional SupportsCultivate and engage in positive relationships that foster student growth and build strong communities.

      Belief Statements

          Student Opportunities

          • We believe that each student deserves an opportunity to achieve their potential. Therefore, we must recognize each student as an individual and support their learning accordingly.

          Lifelong Learning

          • We believe that developing competent, well-rounded, lifelong learners is critical to student success. Therefore, we must provide a broad spectrum of learning experiences that will prepare them for the future.

          Family Engagement

          • We believe families and students are a critical part of all facets of student development. Therefore, we must work collaboratively together.

          Community Partnerships

          • We believe that the community is an important part of the success of the district. Therefore, we must invite the community to partner with the district in a variety of ways.


          • We believe that we have an obligation to be trusted stewards. Therefore, we must be transparent, be responsible in managing the resources provided to us, and communicate effectively