Strategic Planning

With the development of a district-wide strategic plan in early 2015, four primary goals were established. Since, district staff have provided quarterly updates to the Board of Education on Strategic Plan progress. Below, you will find recent updates as of July 2015, as reported in the 2017 Annual Report to the Community. To view a full dashboard of the strategic plan, click the button below.

Goals Progress

Click the tab below for an update on each goal area.

LEARNING GOAL: Ensure that our offerings, tools, and instruction methods work together to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for each child to be successful.

We have instituted a research-based learning program in grades 6 and 9, incorporating project-based learning and mastery grading.

We re-calibrated our Mathematics instruction, Kindergarten through graduation, to align with Ohio Learning Standards. We adopted new resources for teachers and materials for students.

We instituted NWEA MAP assessments K-9 to help us gauge our students’ achievement and progress in Mathematics and Reading. We use results from national assessments like MAP and ACT to guide our instructional decision-making.

We have significantly expanded tutoring and academic support programs at the middle and high schools.

We have provided over 50 parent information sessions on teaching and learning in the 21st century.

READINESS GOAL: Establish a personalized path for each student that allows him or her to move fluidly from pre-K through their post-graduation opportunities.

We have created a comprehensive School Counseling Plan.

We are continually enhancing the Early Learning Center daycare and preschool programs to ensure student success in Kindergarten and primary grades.

We have expanded building transition activities for students and parents matriculating to a new grade or new school, such as the “Moving Up
to Middle School” series.

We are embedding career path awareness and exploration at all grade levels and for all levels of ability.

We have implemented a high school capstone project that requires each graduating senior to develop, present, and reflect on their individual learning, career interests, and established post-secondary action plan.

RESOURCES GOAL: Identify and articulate the resources needed to meet the district’s goals and prioritize the management of the resources provided.

We are engaging the Financial Advisory Committee to the Treasurer (FACT) to review, support, and communicate the work of the district.

We are enhancing and expanding the relationship between the community and the Fairview Park City School district related to current and future educational needs and business operations.

We have provided information to the Facilities Advisory Committee regarding academics, arts and music, and athletic facility needs.

We are ensuring that student educational and social-emotional needs are identified and met.

We have developed a financially-responsible and flexible technology plan that incorporates an assessment of existing equipment, the repair and/or replacement of damaged, failing or outdated equipment, and acquisition of new equipment as needed over time, and the use and effectiveness of various technology resources.

We are working to maximize the effectiveness of our current human capital by hiring qualified people, developing them, engaging them, and promoting their wellness.

ENGAGEMENT GOAL: Integrate the district with the community to ensure awareness and active participation in the education process.

We continue to evaluate and enhance the tools and opportunities for internal (staff and student) and external (community) engagement.

We launched The Fairview Advantage Podcast, a tool for informing families and the community on the happenings within the school district.

We communicate frequently with our families, staff, and community, including sending weekly e-newsletters, updates from the school counseling department, and the district-wide Fairview Fast Five monthly newsletter, which received a “Mark of Distinction Award” from the Ohio School Public Relations Association in March 2017.

We have opportunities for the community to actively participate in the learning process, including Coffee Talks with the Superintendent, Parent Focus Groups on Personalized Learning and special community presentations on important topics. The annual State of the Community address with Mayor Eileen Ann Patton also provides insight into the exciting initiatives and activities in the schools and in
the community.

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