2021-2022 Superintendent Town Hall Meetings

Superintendent Town Hall Meeting

Superintendent Keith Ahearn has planned four Town Hall meetings using Facebook live during the 2021-2022 school year to connect more with parents and the entire Fairview Park community. Meetings will be held on October 25, January 24, March 28, and May 16. Each meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:00 PM and should only last one hour. 

Those interested in joining the meeting must visit the district’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/fairviewpark.schools.

“I plan on starting the meeting by making a brief presentation about the district, whether it’s data, a program going on, or something relevant to the district at that time,” Ahearn explained. “I then welcome community members to submit questions to me in the comments section as the meeting progresses. Questions can also be submitted, in advance, on our website. If I don’t have the answers right away, I’ll work to ensure we get the information to the people that want it.”

Community members interested in submitting a question in advance should visit the Fairview Park City Schools website at www.fairviewparkschools.org and look for the “Town Hall Meetings” icon.

“I hope to have more in-person meetings with families and community members as the school year progresses and as we work through the challenges associated with this pandemic,” Ahearn said. “But these online meetings should be a convenient way for residents to learn more about what their schools are doing, what we’re doing well, and where we can improve. It’s just one more way to keep our residents engaged, informed, and united in our common goal to provide the best education possible for our students.”

Past Town Hall Meetings Information

October 25, 2021, Town Hall Meeting

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