Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

The Fairview Park City Schools Hall of Fame Committee is pleased to announce the 2017 Inductees:

Alumni Hall of Fame: Tudor Dan Dimofte, Ph.D., Rene S. Hernandez, Ph.D., Mary Nock, M.D., Stephen Senderoff, Ph.D.

Athletic Hall of Fame: Pat Hoy, James Leffingwell, Bryan Weir, Jeremy Zarins

Faculty/Staff Hall of Fame: Anthony J. DiBiasio, Ph.D., Margaret Schaefer Goebelt, Tom Kairis, Judi Norton

The Ninth Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Banquet will be held May 6, 2017 at the Cleveland Airport Marriott Hotel 4277 W. 150TH St. Cleveland, Ohio 44135. Reservations are required. A reservation form is available online at, or for more information contact Jean Scothon (440) 376-9015 [email protected]

 The Fairview Park City Schools Hall of Fame was established to honor and publicly recognize distinguished alumni, athletes and staff who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in areas such as citizenship, leadership, education, sportsmanship, the arts and sciences, the business world and professional fields.

Such special recognition provides current students of the Fairview Park City Schools an opportunity to understand the value of their education and the possibilities to which it may lead.  The Hall of Fame inductees can provide inspiration to a new generation of students through their example. The Fairview High School Hall of Fame Committee is committed to perpetuating the Hall of Fame at Fairview High School and inducting extraordinary nominees for permanent remembrance.

The Hall of Fame Committee invites nominations of deserving individuals who are worthy to receive induction into the Fairview Park City Schools Hall of Fame.  Please send your letters of recommendation to: Fairview High School, Halls of Fame Selection Committee, P.O. Box 26285, Fairview Park, Ohio 44126.  When writing a recommendation, please include examples of the following suggested criteria: leadership, significant contribution(s), positive image and achievements. The nomination form is available online at

Nominees for the Alumni and Athletic Halls of Fame must have graduated from Fairview High School at least nine years prior to their selection.  Nominees for the Faculty Hall of Fame must have served at least ten years on the faculty of Fairview High School and have been retired for at least three years. Coaches & administrators must have been retired at least five years prior to their selection.


Joel Chermonte
Hall of Fame Committee, Chairman
7328 Arbor Ct.
Olmsted Twp., Ohio 44138
(440) 915-4509
[email protected]

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