Area District Looking to Fairview Park’s Personalized Learning Program


A Mayer Middle School student demonstrates how the personalized learning platform works for Crestwood Local Schools Superintendent David Toth.

Crestwood Local School District (CLSD) Superintendent David Toth and other CLSD administration took a field trip to Fairview Park this week to observe students and teachers at Mayer Middle School and Fairview High School engaging in project-based learning and utilizing the personalized learning platform (PLP).

The Fairview Park City School district was selected to participate in the elite national learning platform earlier this year.

Toth said he was impressed with what he observed. “Every student was active and engaged in their learning,” he said. “They own their learning.”

He said the Crestwood district plans to apply to the Summit program early next year.

He and CLSD Director of Pupil Services Michael Maglionico were also intrigued with the district’s co-teaching model are planning another visit to explore it further.

“Education has to become more individualized based on student needs,” said Toth. “This is a leap forward.”

About the Personalized Learning Program

The personalized learning platform at Fairview Park City Schools takes a blended learning approach. It incorporates “traditional” project-based learning (i.e. teachers presenting information to the whole group, small groups, or an individual students; is Ohio Standards Content-driven, science labs, and class discussions and activities) and includes mentoring, weekly goals and action steps, tests/quizzes administered online, and ensures each student passes a content area before moving on to the next concept.

Take a look at this Overview for more information.

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