Board Meeting Re-Cap: November 19, 2019

Board of Education Meeting Recap
The Board of Education held a Regular Board Meeting on Tuesday, November 19 at Gilles-Sweet Elementary beginning at 6:30 p.m.
Superintendent’s Report
1:58 in audio recording
Ms. Trish Moran, Director of Early Learning and Testing, reported that the staff and students are looking forward to moving back to Parkview. The early education center programs will be closed for moving and the holiday break from December 19 – January 2 when daycare will resume. An open house is scheduled for January 6 at 6:30 p.m.
7:47 in audio recording
Mr. Bill Gantz, Owners Representative from the Ruhlin Company, provided an update on the district construction project. View the report here.
16:50 in audio recording
Mr. Joe Dianetti, Athletics Director, provided an update on the fall season.
34:40 in audio recording
Superintendent Wagner provided a review of enrollment data/trends, exit surveys. View the documents referenced here.
46:35 in audio recording
Dr. Wagner also reviewed data of longitudinal academic achievement growth. More information can be found here.
Treasurer’s Report
1:08:40 in audio recording
Mrs. Kim Sperling gave a financial update, including the monthly financial reports for August and September, and the Five-year forecast and assumptions. Also highlighted: district bonds were refinanced on 11/7/19 to save 1.325 million through 2033. This does not directly impact the district’s finances, but will reduce the millage paid by taxpayers over the course of the next 13 years.
The Board reviewed a number of board policies as a first reading, and will have a second reading and possible approval at the December 17 regular meeting.
Upcoming Meetings
Regular Board of Education Meeting
December 17, 2019
6:30 p.m.
Gilles-Sweet Elementary
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