Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) Task Force

Fairview Park City Schools (FPCS) invites students, parents, staff, and community members to participate in a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Task Force that will meet once a month throughout the school year. In support of the FPCS mission and vision of creating a community unitedthis task force will identify strengthsareas of growthand a plan of action as it relates to diversity, equity, inclusionand anti-racism in the school district.   

What this IS: 

  • A space to listen and learn from each other’s lived experiences within FPCS. 
  • Dialogue focused on identifying past successes, areas of growth, and a shared vision for the future. 
  • An opportunity to come together as a community to set collective goals, engage in solutions-oriented action-planning, and enact positive change in our school district. 

What this IS NOT: 

  • A time to argue, debate, demean, or put-down the ideas and experiences of other members. 
  • A one-time community conversation; this will be an on-going initiative and commitment to long-term growth in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism within the district. 

Fairview Park City Schools is partnering with The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio to aid in the design, development, facilitation, and support of the task force. The Diversity Center is a human relations organization that has been dedicated to eliminating bias, bigotry, and racism in Northeast Ohio for over 90 years.  Originally founded as the National Conference for Christians and Jews (NCCJ), today they focus on increasing knowledge, raising awareness, and building skills to help create communities that are safe, respectful, and inclusive to all members. The Diversity Center supports workplaces, communities, and schools across seven counties throughout Northeast Ohio. They are proud to have engaged over 10,000 student participants and 2,500 adult participants in the 2019-2020 school year.  

To participate in this task force, please fill out this form


Upcoming Meetings 

DISCOVERY: December 

  1. General Task Force – 12/16
    • Review summary of DEFINE
    • Facilitate DISCOVERY – will then require our compiling as opposed to this being done within the group.  Continue trying to recruit more co-chairs.
    • Review of DREAM
    • Next steps

DREAM: January  

  1. Fairview Park DEIJ Task Force: Steering Committee Meeting – 1/12
    • ‘Onboard’ co-chairs during first steering committee meeting including expectations, communication, logistics, data storing, facilitation tips
    • AI Workbook Review and Dream Assignment
    • Review focus of next task force
  1. Sub-committee Assignment: AI Workbook: Dream within Sub-committee
  2. Fairview Park General DEIJ Task Force Meeting – PROPOSE – 1/26


Zoom information for 12/16 at 7PM:

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Meeting ID: 973 3519 3530