Photo Name Position Extension
May Almadani After School Care Staff
Valerie Buher Invention Specialist
Dena Harringer Sweeper Cleaner
Rebecca Magda After-school Care
Kelly Baughman Preschool Teacher/Daycare 1129
Jaclyn Black Preschool/Daycare Teacher 1224
Molly Blake Educational Aide 1205
Mary Brancatelli After Care Staff 1213
Kevin Buehner Day Care/School Age Teacher 1229
Cassie Cagle Preschool/Daycare Teacher
Nicole Crum Kindergarten Teacher 1207
Dana Reuter Intervention Specialist 1112
Carmen Fanara Sweeper Cleaner 1234
Megan Frenz DAP/ Intervention Specialist 1234
Raychel Hanenkratt Preschool/Day Care Teacher 1204
Beth Haney Toddler Teacher 1208
Joan Hout Educational Aide 1206
Jennifer Karrer Preschool/Day Care Teacher 1226
Katie Kellner Kindergarten Teacher 1206
Kathleen Kramme Food Service Assistant 1215
Nathan Kull Physical Education 2167
Jillian Lackey Kindergarten Teacher 1227
Liz Loescher Preschool/Day Care Teacher 1204
Michelle Maeder Toddler Teacher 1223
Ellen Martens Preschool/Day Care Teacher 1226
Clair Mayfield Preschool Teacher/Assistant Office Coordinator 1155
Anne McKeown Educational Aide 1205
Brittney McNamara Toddler Teacher 1208
Susan Morrison Office Coordinator 1200
Trish Moran Director of Early Childhood and Testing 1129
Bill Naso Custodian
Hillery Needham Music Teacher 4125
Jennifer Sheridan Speech Pathologist (PreK-3) 2171
Keri Laughlin Kindergarten Teacher 1228
Samantha Smith Kindergarten Teacher 1225
Kayla Nunamaker Medical Assistant 2107
Megan Wellman Psychologist (PreK-4) 2171
Erin Weigand Toddler Teacher 1208
Tiffany Zemek ESL Teacher 2192
Visit Our District and Experience the Fairview Advantage in Action.
Visit Our District and Experience the Fairview Advantage in Action.