Fairview High School Staff

Photo Name Position Extension
Erin Anderson Food Services Associate 4194
Jessica Atwood Social Studies Teacher 4105
Ruthanne Baldi Educational Aide
Sandy Bennhoff  Secretary to 9-12 Building Principal 4106
Denise Blackburn Sweeper Cleaner
Don Britton Social Studies Teacher 4148
Andrew Bruening Biology Teacher 4144
Judy Casselberry Spanish Teacher 4133
Tom Bryner Maintenance
Pete Cibulskas Music/Band Teacher 4123
Craig Cohan English Teacher 4128
Peter D'Angelo Transition 4117
Anne Dance Math Teacher 4136
Heather Delis Engineering Teacher 4197
Joe Dianetti Athletics Director 4150/4157
Matt Dunlap Director of Technology 2160
Elisa Felici Educational Aide
Jeff Frantz Head Custodian HS/MS 4195
Richard Friel Health & Physical Education Teacher 4141
Kimberly Gefell Math Teacher 4138
Cheri Gorey Biomedical Science Teacher 4197
Ryan Graff Art Teacher 4121
Liza Gyure Sweeper/Cleaner
Grant Graves TLC Facilitator 4199
Meghann Peters French Teacher 4127
Curtis Friebel Athletic Trainer 4172
TJ Hill Campus Security 4189
Chris Honeck Associate Principal 4101
Mary Houser Science Teacher 4145
Rebecca Hicks English Teacher 4173
Christopher Kaminski Digital Media Teacher 4122
Chrissy Karliak Vocal Music Teacher 4124
Meghan Keener Social Studies Teacher 4150
Julie Kim Science Teacher 4146
Christian Koczur Intervention Specialist 4114
Mauni Khoury Psychologist 4108
Debby Koenig Educational Aide
Eric Korey Math Teacher 4137
Mary Kurz Educational Aide
Dave Latkovic English Teacher 4155
Darren Laughlin Student Monitor
Dave LeBrun AP Biology 4142
Jan Lockwood Attendance Secretary – HS/MS 4104
Peter Maienknecht Social Studies Teacher 4151
Christine Martynowski Educational Aide
 Judy Matej Sweeper/Cleaner
Tom Roche Custodian
Mary Moore Intervention Specialist 4114
Will Morrison Math Teacher 4135
Colleen Nagy Math Teacher 4111
Hillery Needham Orchestra Teacher 4125
Connie Obrycki Speech and Hearing
Lori Oxley Intervention Specialist 3133
Deborah Paracsi Food Service Associate 4194
Jenny Parente School Counselor 4103
Sonum Patel District School Nurse 4109
Isis Prior English and French Teacher 4131
 Wendy Sargent Sweeper/Cleaner
Christopher Sawicki Intervention Specialist 4153
Terry Shipacasse Educational Aide 4197
Andrew Slack Intervention Specialist 4152
Colleen Sliwinski Environmental Science Teacher 4144
Denise Thomay Sweeper Cleaner
Anna Tieri Secretary to the Association Principal and Athletic Coordinator 4149
Carli Vandrak English Teacher 4174
Chris Vicha Principal 4100
Nick Wolansky Intervention Specialist 4154
Rosemary Young Library Technician 4115
Tiffany Zemek ESL Teacher 4196
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Visit Our District and Experience the Fairview Advantage in Action.
Visit Our District and Experience the Fairview Advantage in Action.