FHS Seniors Receive over $79k in Scholarships at 2017 Scholars Reception

At the Scholars Reception on May 17, 2017, over 50 members of the class of 2017 received scholarships from local clubs and organizations, in total $79,850. View the Photo Gallery

West Shore Rotary
Chris Corrigan, $1,000.00

Fairview Park Youth Association
John McQuate, $1,000.00
Jena Catalano, $1,500.00
Scott Stover, $1,500.00
Molly Tarase, $500.00
Zoe Karabinus, $500.00
Jared Wilkinson, $500.00
Alex Brousek, $500.00
Sarah Guerry, $500.00
Kathryn Malloy, $500.00
Alison Biehl, $500.00
Ermonela Muhameti, $500.00

Fairview Park Music Association
Claire Karliak, $500.00

Fairview Park National Honor Society
Jessica Giang, $350.00

Fairview Park Kiwanis
Kate Malloy, $500.00
Alison Biehl, $500.00

Ohio PTA
Ilene Rancour, $500.00

Fairview Park Education Association
Gwyn Howard, $300.00
Pat Weaver, $300.00

Fairview Park PTA 
Claire Karliak, $500.00
Angela Dunn, $500.00
Sarah Guerry, $500.00
Kathryn Malloy, $500.00
Ilene Rancour, $500.00

Fairview Park Women’s Club
Jena Catalano, $750.00
Jessica Giang, $750.00
Colleen Kost, $1,000.00
Kathryn Malloy, $1,000.00
Gwyn Howard, $1,200.00
Ilene Rancour, $1,200.00
Scott Stover, $1,000.00
Molly Tarase, $1,000.00

M. Frank & Margie Rudy Endowment Fund
Martin Charles, $5,000.00
Ilene Rancour, $10,000.00
Ethan Zuccola, $20,000.00

FHS Student Council/Red Cross Scholarship
Molly Tarase, $250.00

Class of 1964 Great Expectations
Alison Biehl, $500.00
Zoe Karabinus, $500.00
Evan Feldt, $500.00

Charles E. Kullik Scholarship
Gwyn Howard, $1,000.00
Alison Biehl, $500.00
Evan Feldt, $500.00
Zoe Karabinus, $500.00

Fairview Park Education Foundation Scholarships

Dr. John Babel Memorial Scholarship
Anna Calmer, $1,000.00

Frank W. Barr Memorial Scholarship
Kailee Thadeus, $500.00

Mary Lou Charlfant Memorial Social Studies Scholarship
Gwyn Howard, $500.00

Bruce Linden Cherkala Memorial Scholarship
Sarah Guerry, $500.00

Coca Cola Scholarship
Alexis Brown, $1,000.00
Molly Tarase, $1,000.00

Medical Mutual
Patricia Blazevic, $500.00

Maureen Cundiff Memorial Scholarship
Maureen Wolansky, $500.00

Laura Dean Memorial Scholarship
Zoe Karabinus, $1,000.00
Kate Malloy, $1,000.00

Shirley Docherty Memorial Scholarship
Ryan Provenza, $500.00

Maxine Field Memorial Scholarship
Claire Karliak, $1,000.00

Dorothy Grabb Menorial Scholarship
Rebecca Magda, $750.00

Judson Graab Memorial Scholarship
Ethan Zuccola, $750.00

Fred J & Betty J Helwig Scholarship
Hannah Greenland, $1,000.00
Alison Biehl, $1,000.00

Hall of Fame Scholarship
Pat Weaver, $500.00

Mary Hoertz Memorial Scholarship
James VonPless, $250.00

Michael Holick Memorial Scholarship
Chris Corrigan, $500.00

Robert V. & Rose T. Kundmueller Memorial Scholarship
Ilene Rancour, $3,000.00

Lewis F. Mayer Memorial Scholarship
Scott Stover, $500.00

Nicoloff & Thoma Memorial Scholarship 
Jared Wilkinson, $500.00

Nelson Russ Memorial Scholarship 
John McQuate, $500.00

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