FHS Students Take First Place in Hyland’s High School Innovation Showdown

Three Fairview High School seniors won first place in the 2017 Hyland Software High School Innovation Showdown with their idea called “H.A.T.S. — Horizontal Aerodynamic Turbine System.” They each received a $500 scholarship.


The team consisting of Zack V., William N., and Damion Z. presented a mock-up prototype at Hyland’s headquarters in Westlake on Saturday, November 11 in front of a panel of 3 Hyland judges.They were one of seven teams who made it to the final round after an essay and video competition.


In their video presentation, the team explains their horizontal turbine can use wind from any direction and multiple modular turbines can be stacked together to increase the efficiency per space. Their mock-up turbine will take up only 350 square feet as opposed to traditional turbines which take up 250 acres per 20 turbines.


Hyland tasks students to use their creativity to come up with an innovative concept that could solve a real-world problem. Teams conduct brainstorming sessions, come up with project plans and work together to showcase their idea effectively. Each team is required to have the commitment of one High School Teacher who will act as an Advisor throughout the competition and each team moved to the Second Round will have the commitment of a Hyland Mentor for the remainder of the competition.


“The team focused on taking old technology and blending it with new to create a more efficient version of a wind turbine. They took technology from a helicopter blade, flipped it and made it stackable. Its footprint takes up only a fraction of traditional wind turbines,” explained Mr. Chris Kaminski, FHS digital media teacher and the student’s advisor.


All three seniors are all planning to attend college next fall.

A prototype of the Fairview High School team’s “H.A.T.S. – Horizontal Aerodynamic Turbine System.”

The team also created a logo for their prototype to wear on t-shirts.

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