Gilles-Sweet/Mayer Middle School Students Raise Over $2,000 at Summer Lemonade Stand

School is back in session and exchanges of “how was your summer?” is heard throughout the school hallways between students and teachers. Many students recall their summer days spent playing at the pool, riding bikes, and maybe even a special trip with family.

For Mayer Middle School students Nola, Elizabeth, Andrew, and Gilles-Sweet student Graham, they spent one week of their summer break paying it forward.

The students held a lemonade stand at their home with proceeds going to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a charitable organization with funds going to childhood cancer research. In a week they raised $2,171.

Sixth grader Nola first saw the Alex’s Lemonade Stand logo on donation bins in the community, did some research, then held her first lemonade stand in June 2012, when she was 6.

“The first year we raised $400 and we were so happy.  The next year my brother, Graham, and friends Elizabeth and Andrew  joined the efforts.  Now the four of us hold the stand each summer, and each year the profit grows. ”

Alex’s Lemonade Stand is a nonprofit organization named after a young girl named Alexandra (Alex) Scott, who had cancer herself but still wanted to help other kids with cancer from her lemonade stand.

“We appreciate the support from Fairview Park City School’s administrators and teachers like Dr. Wagner, Mrs. Wightman, Mr. Krivak, Miss Miller, Miss Scotta, and Miss Chambers. This year’s hit was a surprise visit from the Fairview Park police officers.” 

Way to go!

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