College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus provides students with the opportunity to take college classes offered by any Ohio public college or university, or from any participating private postsecondary institution, at their high school, on the college or university campus, or online. The program allows students to explore college interests sooner and to earn college credits toward a degree before graduating from high school. It is free to families when students take courses offered by Ohio public colleges and universities. Beginning Feb. 15, public high school students may notify their principal of their interest to participate, and non-public and homeschool students may send their letter of intent to participate to the Ohio Department of Education. All students must declare their intent to participate by April 1, including students who participated in the first year of College Credit Plus.In an effort to give more students and families the opportunity to save on the cost of college, College Credit Plus now includes a summer term. Credits earned by taking courses through College Credit Plus during a summer term will be applied to students’ high school and college transcripts during the fall. Students and parents should check the summer term registration deadline for the college or university from which the student intends to take courses.  Additional details and participation information are available at

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