Middle and High School Meet the Teacher

Welcome to the Virtual Meet the Teacher for the 2020-2021 school year! Locate your teacher or department below to watch an informational video on what to expect this school year.

6th Grade 

Mr. Cibulskas – Band

Mrs. Clouse – Art

Mr. Chevalier – English Language Arts

Mr. Fickel – Social Studies

Mrs. Horstman – Intervention Specialist

Ms. Ku – Asian Exploration

Mr. Ruic – Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Dunlap – STEAM

Mr. Hicks – Operation Advantage

Miss Smigelski – Math

Mrs. Conner – Science


7th Grade 

Mr. Brown – PTLW

Mrs. Cataldo – Social Studies

Miss Chambers – English Language Arts

Mrs. Clouse – Art

Mr. Cibulskas – Band

Mr. Dianetti – Social Studies

Mrs. Frank – Science

Mr. Garcia – Math

Ms. Ku – Asian Exploration

Miss Mooney – Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Morgan – TED-Ed

Mrs. Needham – Orchestra

Mr. Weir – Operation Advantage


8th Grade

Mr. Britton – Operation Advantage

Mr. Broschk – Science

Mrs. Cataldo – Math

Mr. Cibulskas – Band

Mrs. Clouse – Art

Mrs. Frygier – English Language Arts

Ms. Ku – Asian Exploration

Mr. Slack – Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Morgan – TED-Ed

Mrs. Needham – Orchestra

Mrs. Oxley  – Intervention Specialist

Mr. Ziemnik – Math


MS & HS Electives

Mrs. Arancibia – Spanish 

Mr. Barry – Middle School Health and PE 

Mr. Brown – PTLW

Mr. Cibulskas – Band 

Mrs. Clouse – Middle School Art

Mrs. Delis – Engineering 

Mr. Friel – High School Health and PE 

Mrs. GlavicProject Lead the Way

Mr. Graff – High School Art Teacher

Ms. Ku – Asian Exploration 

Mr. Kaminski – Digital Media

Mrs. Karliak – Choir 

Mrs. Needham – Orchestra

Music Appreciation – Mr. Cibulskas, Mrs. Needham, Mrs. Karliak 

Mrs. Peters – French


High School English Department

Mr. Cohan 

Mrs. Hicks 

Mr. Latkovic 

Mrs. Morgan 

Ms. Prior 


High School Math Department

Mrs. Gefell

Mr. Korey 

Mr. Morrison

Mrs. Nagy 

Mr. Ziemnik 


Science Department

Mr. Bruening 

Mrs. Kim

Mrs. Houser

Mrs. Sliwinski 


Social Studies Department

Mrs. Atwood

Mr. Graves

Mr. Maieknecht 

Mrs. Hignite


Student Services 

Mrs. Dill – Librarian

Mrs. Horstman – Intervention Specialist

Mr. Koczur  – Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Kohl – Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Khoury – Psychologist

Mrs. Moore – Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Obrycki – Speech Therapist

Mrs. Oxley  – Intervention Specialist

Ms. Rossen  – Intervention Specialist

Mr. Sawicki – Intervention Specialist

Mr. Slack – Intervention Specialist

Mr. Wolansky– Intervention Specialist


School Counseling

Mrs. Cory

Ms. Parente

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