Planning for the Future – TOGETHER!

Thank you for your interest in the strategic planning process for the Fairview Park City Schools.

The Fairview Park Board of Education is heavily invested in the development of a focused and effective strategic plan and is committed to serving the needs of the greater  community.  The Board hired Mr. Steve Harris of The People Advantage to facilitate the process.

Community feedback always has been, and will continue to be, a critical part of our work.  Board members, administrators, staff, parents, students and residents will spend the rest of this calendar year charting our course, testing to see if we’re on target, and listening to opinions.  We’ve already begun the process by asking for initial input through a community-wide survey that was deployed during the month of July.  The Board would like express its deepest thanks to the nearly 1200 individuals who took the time to share their thoughts.  The survey was followed by two Community Forums where additional discussions and detail were provided by over 100 residents.

The Purpose of Our Strategic Plan What is a strategic plan?  Simply put, it’s a combination of statements that describe the direction we will go and the work we will focus on to get there. Our strategic plan will set the agenda for the work we do.  It will help us decide how to allocate resources and ensure that we are all working on the most important things.  Right now, although we don’t have a strategic plan for the district, we’d like to think that we are pretty well coordinated and doing pretty good work.  However, a strategic plan will help ensure that we are.

Another important purpose for our strategic plan is to clearly define what the community values most. There are issues that we all may see differently. For instance, how the district uses technology may be a topic on which we don’t all agree.  This plan will help us clarify our position on key topics so that we don’t get embroiled in discussions that cause inaction and distractions as we move forward.

The Strategic Plan and our Facilities We are especially excited about how strategic planning and our facilities planning are designed to work together. As our strategic plan begins to take shape, we will begin engaging the community in detailed discussions specifically about our facilities. The information and priorities outlined through the strategic planning process will be a very useful guide to the facilities discussions and work to come.

Presentation Materials

Community Forum Presentation 9-1-15

Survey Analysis Presentation

Media about our Strategic Planning Process

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