Public Notice: Request for Qualifications for Commissioning Services

The Board of Education of the Fairview Park City School District, Ohio (the “Owner”) in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Sections 153.65 through 153.71 intends to contract with a firm for commissioning services (“Commissioning Services”) in connection with the Upgrades and Renovations to the Parkview Early Education Center, Updates to the Gilles-Sweet Elementary School, and Renovations and Additions at Mayer Middle School and Fairview High School (“Project”).

The Owner reserves the right to use one or more of the available construction delivery methods which may include design-build; construction manager-at-risk; general contracting; and/or multiple prime contractors.

  1. Scope of Commissioning Services

The Commissioning Services shall minimally include, but is not limited to, ensuring that the building’s design intent is fully realized by reviewing, verifying and documenting that the specified components and systems have been designed, installed, calibrated, started up properly and then functionally tested to verify and document proper operation through all modes and conditions.  Functional testing of the systems includes actual seasonal systems tests.  The commissioning agent will review the Owner’s requirements for clarity and completeness and provide comments to the Owner, develop and incorporate commissioning requirements and specifications into the construction documents, develop, coordinate and implement a commissioning plan, verify installation and performance of the systems to be commissioned, and complete a summary commissioning report.  The Commissioning Services begin in the design stages and extends through project completion, closeout, and warrantee reviews.  The Owner may require the commissioning agent to provide such additional Commissioning Services as are deemed necessary by the Owner, including enhanced commissioning.

  1. Evaluation Criteria for Selection

Responding firms are requested to keep their statements of qualifications to no more than ten (10) pages.  Statements of qualifications should separately describe the firm’s capabilities to provide the Commissioning Services, and the statements of qualifications should include: a cover letter that provides the name, address and phone number of the office where the personnel assigned to the Project will be based and principal contact person; company overview including the number of years of existence, legal form of firm, location of home office, number of licensed professionals, and general firm history; the firm’s ability and experience for providing fundamental and enhanced commissioning; the technical training, education and experience of the firm’s owners and key personnel who will be assigned to perform services on the Project; the technical training, education and experience of the firm’s current staff; relevant past work and performance of the firm’s prospective consultants and the firm’s previous experience when working with its proposed consultants; availability of staff; the firm’s equipment and facilities; the location, availability and accessibility of facilities and equipment to support staff activities on the Project; specification writing credentials and experience; experience with the design-build, construction manager-at-risk, general contracting and/or multiple prime contractor delivery methods; services that the firm typically performs in-house versus services that the firm typically performs through a consultant; experience with working with a separately retained owner’s representative; the firm’s record keeping, reporting, monitoring and other information management systems, including the scheduling and cost control systems; any previous work performed in connection with the Owner or any other political subdivisions; the firm’s experience with the governmental and quasi-governmental entities with jurisdiction over the Project and their requirements;; and other similar information.  In the event the firm proposes a joint venture with another firm, the firm’s statement of qualifications should provide the same information with respect to the proposed joint venture and its qualifications as the firm provides with respect to itself and its qualifications.

III.      Questions and Inquiries

Questions regarding interpretation of the content of this Request for Qualifications must be directed to:  Amy L. Hendricks, Treasurer, e-mail address at [email protected].  Answers to any questions shall be in writing and shall be sent to all firms who are on record with the Owner as having received a copy of this Request for Qualifications.  It is therefore imperative that firms provide full and accurate contact information to the Owner.  The name of the party submitting the question will not be identified in the answers.  Firms considering responding to this Request For Qualifications are strictly prohibited from communicating with any member of Owner’s staff or representatives of the Owner except as set forth in this Part III

  1. Submittal Instructions

Firms interested in being considered should reply with four individually bound statements of qualifications (and one electronic copy) not later than 4:00 P.M., Local Time, on November 20, 2017.  Statements of qualifications received after this date and time will not be accepted.

Statements of qualifications should be sent to the attention of:

Fairview Park City School District

21620 Mastick Road

Fairview Park, Ohio 44126

Attention:  Amy L. Hendricks, Treasurer

Responding firms will be evaluated separately and ranked in order of their qualifications.  As part of this evaluation, the Owner may hold interviews with individual firms.  The Owner expects to enter into contract negotiations with the firm ranked most qualified to perform the service needed.  The Owner reserves the right to enter into more than one contract for components of the Project rather than a single contract for the entire Project and to rank and select more than one firm to provide services for components of the Project rather than a single firm for the entire Project in any manner the Owner deems appropriate.  Statements of qualifications received in response to this RFQ will be placed on file by the Owner as a pre-qualified firm for consideration for future projects of the Owner in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 153.71(A) provided that a pre-qualified firm is not guaranteed any work during the eligibility period.

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