2020-2021 Transportation

  • Families should screen for any COVID-19-like symptoms before their child gets on a school bus.

  • Students will sit two to a seat, when necessary.

  • If students are in the same family, they will be encouraged to sit together.

  • Students will board the bus from back to front.

  • Students and drivers will be required to wear masks. If a student forgets a face covering, one will be provided for them one-time only. If they do not have a face covering or refuse to wear one upon boarding the bus, the student’s parents will be contacted and alternate transportation will need to be arranged.

  • Hand sanitizer will also be available on all buses.

  • We will ensure all buses are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between all bus runs.

  • Because of the efforts to minimize the number of students per bus, no space available options will be provided.

  • We will adhere to a 1.0 mile or more distance (via the VersaTrans County GIS map system) program, no exceptions.