Fairview Remote Learning Option

To enroll your student in the full Remote Learning Option, please contact the main office of your child’s school.


The district will offer a remote-only learning option for families who do not yet feel comfortable having their students return to school. It is important to understand that this program will NOT be the same as currently-available online schools and will have certain limitations determined by level of demand, staffing, etc.  However, we will be able to deliver a personalized learning option with Fairview staff, resources, and local support.

FPCS is working with teachers to develop the Fairview Remote Learning Option for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. The scheduling of all online courses and classes is contingent upon having sufficient enrollment. 

  • Our teaching staff is prepared, passionate, and dedicated so that each and every student, whether in the classroom or learning remotely, can reach his/her full potential. Students enrolled in this option will have a dedicated Fairview teacher to check in with and ask questions. 
  • Remote courses will be taught by Fairview teachers using current resources and tools, such as the Seesaw (K-5) and Summit Learning (6-12) platforms and Edmentum programs including Reading Eggs, Study Island, and Exact Path. Other online tools and content will be added. We anticipate that while most resources will be digital, all students will also have physical materials to use and physical products to create. The programming delivered via online instruction will be adapted from and align with that which is delivered in our buildings. 
  • Families who choose online as a delivery option should expect a combination of structured, regularly scheduled, teacher delivered lessons, help sessions, conferences, and group work via Google Meet plus both independent and guided practice on and offline. Meetings with teachers may be one on one or in small groups. Screen time will be scheduled based on students’ ages and stages and interrupted throughout the day with scheduled times for meals, exercise, relaxation, and independent study. 
  • In general, we will not live stream classroom instruction.  However, there may be occasions and opportunities when fully remote, hybrid at home, and hybrid in school learners may be brought together for a shared experience.  Our intention is that this kind of shared experience would solidify interpersonal relationships and promote positive cohort and school culture.  Occasions for joint learning might include key presentations or guest speakers, lab demonstrations, performances, or holiday celebrations. 
  • Due to the massive scheduling challenges associated with returning to school, interested families are being asked to commit to remaining online through the first quarter of the 2020-2021 school year, which ends on November 6. At that time, families can reassess whether to begin attending school in person or to continue with the Remote Learning Option.
  • The scheduling of all online courses and classes is contingent upon having sufficient enrollment to offer the course. Should space need to be limited for any reason, the District will give first preference to students and families with documented medical considerations and second in the order in which they signed up. 
    • In the remote option, core courses (Math, English, Science, Social Studies) will receive priority scheduling, with elective courses being offered only as staff are available.  Availability of staff cannot be determined until all requests for participation in the remote learning option have been received, teacher assignments have been completed, and classes appropriately balanced.  Parents should note that some electives will be significantly altered (such as Physical Education, Sculpture) or unavailable in remote mode.  Over time, more adaptations of electives can become available. The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) Credit Flexibility option may make Independent Study electives possible.
  • In remote learning mode, parents and teachers partner to support learners. As always, parents are their children’s first teachers.  In remote mode, they take on more responsibility as “learning coaches” for their children.  We understand and appreciate this is a major commitment of their time and energy.  Essential support from parent coaches includes academic assistance, motivation and encouragement, and assurance of daily attendance.  Communication with teacher(s) is also vital and, when an Individual Education Plan is in place, Intervention Specialist(s).  For K-5, a parent can anticipate a time commitment for supervision and assistance for 4-6 hours per day.  For 6-8, 1-3 hours per day can be essential to insure student focus and success. For 9-12, 1-2 hours per day may be needed, especially for guidance and encouragement. A variety of support will be available for parents including access to platforms, lesson guides, videos, occasions to connect with other parents, consultation with school/district staff, and miscellaneous academic and parenting resource banks. 


CDC:  School Decision-Making Tool for Parents, Caregivers, and Guardians