Re-entry Support

Our school counselors and CARE Team are available to assist you with any concerns. Please reach out to your child’s counselor or Carrie Sullivan, Family and Community Engagement Coordinator via email or call (440) 356-3500 x 4117.


The individual progress of each student receiving special education services will be reviewed by their educational team. When school reopens, the intervention specialists and the general education teachers will work to establish relationships with the students on their caseloads/roster to foster student engagement, social-emotional learning and academics.  Individual IEP teams (including the parent/guardian) will reconvene if needed during the first 6 – 9 weeks of school to assess student needs and delivery of service options.  Data will be an integral part of the decision making process in determining specially designed instruction and time allocations on individual goals when changes are indicated.  



District and building staff are committed to supporting students’ social emotional wellness and offering resources to ensure students transition back to school smoothly. Support may include social emotional learning, building relationships, community building activities and increased access to mental health/wellness services. Families and schools will need to work together to check how students are feeling and assess their needs to support students during this challenging time. 

Our school counselors will be available throughout the school day for ALL students, regardless whether they are in the building or in remote learning mode.