Parent Leadership Council

Mission Statement

The mission of the Parent Leadership Council is to promote collaboration between the Fairview Park school district and parents by providing support, guidance and resources to help give our students the appropriate access and the opportunity to engage in a meaningful educational experience.

Resources and supports for parents and students.
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Achievement Center for Children in Westlake: www.achievementcenters.org

Autism Society of Greater Cleveland – www.asgc.org

Connecting for Kids – www.connectingforkids.org

Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities – www.cuyahogabdd.org

Education Service Center –State Support Team 3 (SST3) – www.esc-cc.org

Exceptional Children – http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Special-Education/Office-of-Exceptional-Children-Contact-Information

M Dyslexia Help – www.dyslexiahelp.umich.edu

Milestones Autism Organization – www.milestones.org

National Alliances on Mental Illness (NAMI): www.namigreatercleveland.org

Northern Ohio Branch – International Dyslexia Association – www.nobida.org

Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI) – www.ocali.org

Red Treehouse – www.redtreehouse.org

The Up Side of Downs – www.theupsideofdowns.org

Think College – www.thinkcollege.net

Additional Resources
A Parent ’s Guide to Returning Your Child to School After a Concussion

Ohio AASCD Decision Making Flow Chart

2015 Transition Directory for Cuyahoga County


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