School Supply Lists

2018-19 School Year

Parkview Early Education Center



Gilles-Sweet Elementary 

First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Lewis F. Mayer Middle School 

Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade

*The summer reading book for ELA 8 advanced is Berlin Boxing Club.

2018 Summer Reading for Middle School Students  

 ALL middle school students headed into Grades 6-8 are encouraged to participate in the library’s summer reading program and to fill at least one “bingo card.” Students are encouraged to visit the library, engage with the librarians, participate in activities there, and enjoy books of their own choosing. If students bring in their “bingo cards” when school starts, their teachers will appropriately recognize those efforts.
There is not required reading for middle school students EXCEPT those headed into Grade 8 Advanced ELA.  Those students are asked to read THE BERLIN BOXING CLUB.
Grade 7 Advanced has a recommendation to read BYSTANDER, but not a requirement.
Grade 6 Advanced has a recommendation to read FISH IN A TREE, but not a requirement.


*Students in grades 9-12 will receive supply information from their teachers the first week of school. 



Visit Our District and Experience the Fairview Advantage in Action.
Visit Our District and Experience the Fairview Advantage in Action.