Serving Up Smiles with Warrior Coffee Co.

Mrs. McHugh and Mrs. Kohl, Intervention Specialists at Lewis F. Mayer Middle School, are embracing project-based teaching and learning with a focus on social and life skills though their student’s new business, Warrior Coffee Company. This project enables students with special needs to run a school-wide coffee business for teachers. Students take orders, prepare, and deliver coffee to teachers and staff weekday mornings.

McHugh and Kohl wrote and received a grant from the Fairview Park Education Foundation in order to help get their student’s coffee cart business idea off the ground. $576.46 was awarded in the Fall of 2018 from the Fairview Park Education Foundation.

As a part of the project, students also completed a job application for their desired position within the company, such as coffee brewer, delivery person, or cleaner. In class, students learned skills such as putting on gloves, cup assembly, and following written directions. Students are required to master skills prior to obtaining a job to ensure the best service for their customers.

 “The project is cross-curricular, involving real-world practice in English, math, science, and social studies, as well as engaging students in social and communicative skills,” they said.

The classes made a promotional video to advertise their business. Watch it here.

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