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Caroline James

Staff Shining Star Award Winner Caroline James"On behalf of the faculty and staff of Gilles-Sweet Elementary School, it is our pleasure to recognize and honor Mrs. Caroline James as our April Shining Star Staff recipient.

Mrs. James goes above and beyond in her commitment to her students, colleagues, and the school community. Every time you step into Mrs. James' classroom you feel the calm, caring classroom environment she creates year after year. Throughout the year, Mrs. James’ students are immersed in thoughtful, engaging, standards based lessons that capture their attention and have them eager for the next. Whether it is a camping themed reading week, dressing up in their favorite idiom, or strolling the streets of Fairview Park to learn the history of their city students love learning with her. Mrs. James is a leader among her colleagues. Her commitment to the third grade team over the years has made it cohesive and welcoming. She guides them through collaborative lesson planning, analyzing data and targeting student instruction, and encourages the team to work together for the good of all learners. Year after year, Mrs. James develops, leads, and implements the third grade after school tutoring program to ensure all the students of Gilles-Sweet meet and exceed the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. Her commitment to this program has been essential in our students’ success in reading over the years.

Mrs. James truly embodies the spirit of excellence, values and mission of the Fairview Park City School District. A very special thank you to Mrs. Caroline James for all her hard work to the students, their families and staff of Gilles-Sweet."