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Jen Parente

Staff Shining Star Award winner Jen Parente"

In the realm of education, there exist those who teach, and there exist those who transform lives. Ms. Parente stands firmly in the latter category. As the driving force propelling our students in grades 10 through 12 toward the attainment of their goals, she exemplifies the very essence of educational leadership.

Her meticulous attention to detail, her compassion, her tireless tracking of student successes, and her unwavering commitment to ensuring every student meets both local and state requirements set a shining example for each of usl. Beyond all of that, alongside her dedicated team, she begrudgingly, yet masterfully plans, organizes, and executes testing within our school building, ensuring a seamless experience for our students.

But Ms. Parente's impact extends far beyond the confines of academic achievement. She exudes tremendous pride in our school and student body, instilling in our young minds a sense of self-worth and potential that will remain with them throughout their lives. Her supportive nature uplifts both staff and administration, fostering an environment of collaboration and mutual respect that strengthens our entire educational community.

Ms. Parente has touched lives, expanded minds, and illuminated futures. May this award serve as a symbol of our deepest gratitude for all that she does at FHS. Congratulations, Jen!"