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Key Club continues to make a significant impact in Fairview Park community and beyond

FHS Key Club students stand in front of bulletin boardMarch 14, 2023


The Fairview High School Key Club continues to make a positive difference in the community. 

During the first semester of this school year, 52 Key Club members volunteered 709.75 hours to  local programs and events. According to the national website, Key Club is a student-led organization that builds leadership and character through service opportunities. The group fosters a sense of caring and inclusiveness to help students make a positive difference.

Students can donate time during a planned club event or activity or can choose to volunteer with a program that has more personal connection.
“With such a big group this year, everyone is able to individualize their experience,” Kelli Widman, a senior officer in Key Club explained. “Some people care a lot about the environment, and that’s great. They go to their projects, volunteer, and get their hours there. Other people like working with kids or just helping with the PTA and babysitting. 

“There are so many different opportunities in the community to help out and find what you’re passionate about,” Widman added. “I think it’s really important in high school because they can figure out their interests and what they enjoy.”

Key Club members are required to volunteer at least 10 hours a semester. With 52 members donating over 700 hours, many students far exceeded that requirement. 

“Not only did everyone get them, some people got double or triple the amount of hours they needed,” Izzy King, a junior president of Key Club expressed. “We had very few people who volunteered just 10 hours.”

Key Club also offers volunteer opportunities set up by the group. For example, students made Valentine’s Day cards for patients at Fairview Hospital, organized candy for teachers at Halloween, and collected donations during the holiday season. This spring, they will help sort books at the Cleveland Book Bank. 

One of Key Club’s most popular volunteer efforts is collecting items for Easter baskets for foster children in Northeast Ohio - a collection drive going on through March 16.

“We got so many donations last year that we decided to expand it this year,” Bridget Camarillo, senior vice-president of Key Club stated. “We made about 20 baskets last year, and our goal this year is to make at least 30. I think we can do more and get way beyond that.”

Suggested donated items include chalk, bubbles, candy, puzzles, books, and socks.

“We’re looking for just small things you would expect in an Easter basket,” King added. “For the donation part and what they need, it was the socks. That was the biggest thing. But coming off of Christmas, there wasn’t much demand for clothes or anything - just the socks.”

“The students involved in Key Club are a great representation of the student body we have here at Fairview High School,” Fairview High School Principal Chris Vicha explained. “These kids go out and search for opportunities to serve our community and the surrounding communities. And that’s exciting that we have kids that are motivated to do that. They are actively looking for ways to get involved that can show their skills and the amount of care they can provide.”

Click here to learn more about the Easter basket donation drive going on now through March 16 - DEADLINE EXTENDED!