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Fairview Park City School District Board of Education passes resolution in support of Issue 55

September 20, 2023



Fairview Park, Ohio – At the September 19, 2023, Fairview Park City School District Board of Education meeting, the Board approved Resolution 12 A, “Resolution in Support of Issue 55.” The resolution was passed with a 5-0 vote from the Board. 

Issue 55 is a proposed 1.49 mill bond issue on the November 7, 2023, ballot to rehabilitate and renovate the Gemini Center swimming pool and associated facilities.

“This issue has a connection obviously to the Fairview Park City Schools through the shared use agreement,” Fairview Park City School District Board of Education President Joslyn Dalton explained at the Sept. 19 meeting. “This resolution is in support of Issue 55 to fix the pools, which would make them available again to our students: swim team, Synchronettes, PE (Physical Education) students, and other athletic students that would use the pool.”

“In addition to supporting the health and well-being of Fairview Park City School District students, Issue 55 would restore a vital community asset,” Superintendent Keith Ahearn stated.  “The Gemini Center is a shared multi-use facility with programming that benefits Fairview Park residents of all ages located in the heart of our community.”    


Resolution by the Fairview Park City Schools Board of Education Endorsing Issue 55 for the City of Fairview Park

September 19, 2023

WHEREAS, on November 7, 2023, voters of Fairview Park will be asked to vote on a proposed bond issue for the purpose of rehabilitating, renovating, furnishing, equipping, and otherwise improving the Gemini Center and improving and equipping its site in the principal amount of $12,900,000, to be repaid annually over a maximum period of 30 years, and an annual levy of property taxes be made outside the ten-mill limitation, estimated by the County Fiscal Officer to average over the repayment period of the bond issue 1.49 mills for each $1 of taxable value, which amounts to $52 for each $100,000 of the County Fiscal Officer’s appraised value, commencing in 2023, first due in calendar year 2024, to pay the annual debt charges on the bonds, and to pay debt charges on any notes issued in anticipation of those bonds.

WHEREAS, the Board of Education and the City of Fairview Park have worked together in the past on such community improvements as the Gemini Project for the betterment of our community;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, on this nineteenth (19) day of September 2023, that the Fairview Park Board of Education strongly endorses the passage of Issue 55 on the November 7, 2023 election ballot.


Click here to download the statement regarding Issue 55