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Resources available to help FHS families with college applications

College application with penOctober 25, 2023


This year, the college application process at Fairview High School looks a bit different, but plenty of great resources still remain to help students and families.

Last year, the Fairview Park City School District announced a partnership with the Greater Cleveland Career Consortium. According to their website, the GCCC helps students in the area “design a career plan that aligns with their interests and skills” through “self-awareness and career-based learning opportunities.” 

One of the resources that the GCCC utilizes is Transeo, an online platform designed to help students with college and career readiness.

“Transeo is a lot of things,” Fairview High School Counselor Jen Parente explained. “We are only really using it for the college piece this year. Eventually, we’ll be using it to help us track graduation seals, community service hours, job opportunities and different experiences the kids can have.”

Transeo is a hub of information for families applying to colleges, including using the Common Application or Common App. The Common App allows students to apply to over 1,000 colleges and universities using a single college application. Transeo also helps students sign up for college visits more easily when they visit FHS.

“We’ve definitely had a lot more kids visiting with colleges this way,” Parente said.

With college application deadlines looming in November and December, Parente encourages students and families to be organized during this process.

“They need to know their deadlines,” Parente added. “They need to know what they need in order to apply. Besides transcripts, do they need an essay? Do they need letters of recommendation? If so, how many? They need to know how much it costs to apply so they can be prepared for that. They need to know if the school is test-optional or if they are going to be submitting test scores. That is on their own through the testing organizations.”

Another wrinkle to this year’s college application process is the anticipated changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. According to the website at, the launch of the 2024-2025 student aid form will happen sometime this December.

“In the past, it’s opened on October 1,” Parente stated. “No one has the actual date yet on when the FASFA will open. It could be December 1. It could be December 15. It’s causing some anxiety for colleges because it affects their timelines as well.”

One upcoming resource for families to navigate the changes to FAFSA is Financial Aid night on Monday, November 13 at 6:30 PM in the Fairview High School cafeteria. The event features Pam Sandoval, a representative from CollegeNow Greater Cleveland.

“She will discuss what’s new about the FAFSA and basically the most important parts of it,” Parente added. “She’ll talk about how to fill it out, loans, grants, scholarship opportunities - all that good stuff.”

Parente added that Sandoval will also be in the building at FHS every other Monday throughout the winter to help students and families with the FAFSA. Interested students and families should contact Mrs. Moomaw in the Counseling Office to schedule an appointment.

“She will literally sit down with them and help fill it out if they want,” Parente stated.

If parents or students have questions about the college application process or Transeo, please contact the FHS Counseling office at (440) 356-3500 and extension 4147.