Sixth Graders Present on Screen Time and the Developing Adolescent Brain

IMG_3603 18404117_1818092378514718_2087866440642059353_o 18319390_1818092418514714_1956330679699936485_oOn May 8, a group of sixth grade students presented their research and recommendations on “Screen Time and the Developing Adolescent Brain” as a Sixth Grade Seminar Project. Students created displays, brochures, videos, games, and a TED talk to showcase to a group of parents, teachers, and community members the pros and cons of screen time on the brain, what they believe about these effects, and the science that supports their decision on if the American Academy of Pediatrics should raise the recommended daily entertainment screen time from two hours to four hours.

On a similar note, these same sixth graders, along with their peers, are in a position to finish the year strong! As illustrated in the infographic below, students are on pace to complete subject mastery in all core subject areas.

6th grade success

Bravo, sixth grade team! You are setting a pace for others to follow.

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