Staff Recognized at End-of-Year Ceremony with Service Awards, Grants

On Friday, June 1, the staff of Fairview Park City Schools gathered for the annual end-of-year staff breakfast. Superintendent Dr. Bill Wagner extended his well wishes for a relaxing and rejuvenating summer, “As a district, we have a tremendous amount to be proud of and an equal amount to look forward to for next year,” he said. 

Two employees were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the school district:

Ruthanne Baldi, an Educational Aide at Fairview High School, was awarded the Classified Employee of the Year.

Jeff Hicks, language arts teacher at Mayer Middle School, was awarded Teacher of the Year.

Ruthanne Baldi and Jeff Hicks

Each year the district recognizes employees for their years of service.

Sandy Bennhoff and David LeBrun were recognized for 30 years of service to Fairview Park City Schools.

Irene Gallas, teacher at Gilles-Sweet Elementary, was congratulated on her retirement after 29 years with the district.

Celebrating 25 years of service: 
Peter Cibulskas III
Celebrating 20 years of service:
Ann Mangan
Rosemarie Randall
Kevin Buehner
Kristin Schirhart
Diane Williams
Celebrating 10 years of service:
Laura Davis
Jeff Hicks
Dan Maeder
Christine Martynowski
Samantha Smith
Chris Vicha
Tiffany Zemek

Celebrating 1 year of service: 

Alonda Aguirre
May Almadani
Mary Jo Cooper
Grant Graves
Rebecca Magda
Michael Matthews
Jaclyn Pieffer
Cheryl Raimann
John Secue
Molly Simmons
Matthew Tolar
Maggie Urban-Rahm
Erin Weiland
Adam Whitney
The Fairview Park Education Foundation also awarded staff members with spring grant awards:

$695 awarded to Rebecca Hicks, David Latkovic, Carli Vandrak, Isis Prior, and Craig Cohan at Fairview High School to purchase “Activity Learn” an online program that provides students with individualized pacing opportunities in several content areas.  This program will give “students access to a plethora of literature that enables them to extend learning beyond the classroom and foster intellectual curiosity”.

$550 awarded to Michelle Maeder and Beth Haney at Fairview Park Early Education Center to purchase a “Naturally Playful Clubhouse Climber” for the toddler class.  The purpose of the climber is to “have the children develop and strengthen large motor skills, especially balance and maneuverability, while in the outdoor learning environment”

$1200 awarded to Lori Oxley and Andy Slack at Mayer Middle School and Fairview High School to foster critical thinking and problem solving skills.  This project is a three-part program for Special Education students consisting of: a speaker presenting a one-day hands-on seminar on critical thinking for parents and students, a visit to an Escape Room for the students and designing an Escape Room at Fairview High School.  “The focus of this event is on soft skill development in collaboration, improving mental stamina and grit, contributing as a team member, and becoming an independent creative problem solver”.

$750 awarded to Mary Jo Cooper, Library Media Specialist, at Gilles-Sweet Elementary School to purchase math related books for the library.  These literature books directly correlate to the math topics in the math textbooks in grades 1-5.  The purpose of this project is to help students “increase awareness of how math is used in the real world and in their daily lives”.

$500 awarded to Andy Bruening at Mayer Middle School and Fairview High School to purchase supplies for the Fairview Park Robotics Team. The Robotics Team is an after-school activity for students interested in the field of robotics.  Participation in the team encourages students to pursue S.T.E.A.M. interests “and learn the basics of project management”.

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