Staff Shout-Out: Miss Lauren Scotta

Miss Lauren Scotta, a second and third grade Gifted Intervention Specialist at Gilles-Sweet Elementary, has recently earned two very significant accolades.

Miss Scotta’s proposal for Discovery Education’s national “Manufacture Your Future Teacher STEM Challenge” has been selected as a Fourth Prize Winner.

Her project proposal, titled “Expanding Possibilities Now and in the Future” has earned a $1,000 classroom grant from the Arconic Foundation.

Her project outline includes: “Students will seek out manufacturing areas and career opportunities (i.e. metal, transportation, electronics/computers, petroleum, etc.), and will work collaboratively in teams to research one of the areas of interest to them. Students will research items, included, but not limited to: Career readiness for a future in the profession; Trade schools that provide options; What does a job in the field entail; Ideas of what can help prepare now for the future; Why is this a good career choice; Companies that offer opportunities.”

After thoroughly researching, students will work in their team to create some type of interactive module or lesson to present to their classmates. The lesson/module will be interactive, engaging, informative, and exciting as well as applicable to real-life situations, and will lead to careers in manufacturing

Ms. Scotta will use the grant funds to purchase items and materials for students to make  interactive lessons and modules and to host a family exhibition night when parents and the community can view their project-based learning outcomes, as well as a daytime event so fellow students can interact with the projects.

In her proposal, Miss Scotta states, “Students teaching other students is under-utilized, and can be powerful and helpful in the future of manufacturing.”

Unrelated to her first achievement, Miss Scotta has also been recently accepted into the Ohio University Communications Fellows program for the 2019-20 school year. As a part of this achievement, Miss Scotta will receive a $1,000 classroom stipend to pursue her proposed project of exploring different communications methods for exploring career fields and supporting social-emotional learning.

Through the course of the fellowship, Miss Scotta will research and explore communication methods such as podcasting, video creation and editing, and digital design and ways to incorporate into her classroom. She says she hopes to better support her students in their communication and technology endeavors using these skills and broadening their skill sets, which will also help them in their future with career choices and educational ventures, along with the goal of an increase in social and emotional learning.

Her specific objectives include: Gain insight into emotional understanding and intelligence in order to utilize appropriately; self-awareness of emotions; Strategies to communicate emotions effectively; Respond to self and others emotions safely and in using interpersonal skills; Increase social emotional awareness and decision making

Miss Scotta will also attend a residential experience in Athens, Ohio during the summer, receive free tuition for a graduate-level course, placement with a Scripps College of Communication faculty mentor, and potentially additional classroom support.

Congratulations, Miss Scotta!

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