Strategic Plan

  • The Fairview Park City School District's top priority is to provide an excellent education in a safe learning environment for all students.  In August 2023, the Fairview Park City School District Board of Education approved a new Strategic Plan for the district. The plan focuses on six areas that will have a direct impact for students:

    Student success is at the core of the Fairview Park City Schools Strategic Plan. Students succeed when organizational decisions focus on continuously improving student experiences in and out of the classroom. The six focus areas broadly describe related organizational structures that, when aligned strategically, will improve performance and positively impact student success. 

    Fairview Park City Schools Strategic Focus Artwork


  • We will deliver exceptional academic and extracurricular programs that challenge the mind, instill the joy of learning, and promote responsible citizenship. 


  • To create a supportive and engaging learning environment where students acquire skills necessary for future success and every student is empowered to reach their potential.

Belief Statements

    • Each student deserves an opportunity to achieve their potential.
    • We will recognize each student as an individual and support their learning accordingly.
    • Developing competent, well-rounded, and self-directed learners is critical to student success. Therefore, we will provide a broad spectrum of learning experiences to prepare them for the future.
    • Families and students are a critical part of all facets of student development. Therefore, we will work together.
    • The community is an integral part of the district's success. We will invite the community to partner with the district in various ways.
    • We will be trusted stewards of taxpayer dollars. We will be transparent and responsible in managing the resources provided to us and communicate effectively.