Gifted and Talented

Amy Cruse
Gifted Coordinator
Fairview Park City Schools
[email protected]
(440) 331-5500


*Gifted Parent Meeting (originally scheduled for 3/19/20) Presentation*


The Gifted and Talented programs in Fairview Park work to meet the academic & social needs of identified gifted and talented students through enrichment opportunities, and specially designed programs including grade or subject acceleration, honors & advanced placement courses, and post-secondary enrollment opportunities.

House Bill 282 requires all Ohio school districts to identify students who meet state established criteria for gifted ability in one or more of the following areas: Superior Cognitive Ability, Specific Academic Ability, Creative Thinking Ability, and/or Visual/Performing Arts Ability.  Students who are gifted perform or have the potential to perform at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared to others of their age, experience or environment.  Teachers or parents who believe a student may be gifted in any or all of the above areas are encouraged to refer the student for screening and identification.


Links and Resources 

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Academic Acceleration for Advanced Learners Form 


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