Limited English

Fairview Park represents a variety of home languages.  Our district can benefit from these diverse backgrounds and cultures by providing all students with opportunities to learn from the experiences and unique skills of one another.

Many students need support to develop English language skills needed to communicate effectively with others, participate in the classroom and meet state academic content standards.  Our programs for students with limited English proficiency help ensure equal access to high-quality learning experiences and standards.  The District makes sure that students with limited English proficiency receive the same educational opportunities as their English-speaking peers.

In addition to the Ohio Academic Content Standards, students with limited English proficiency receive instruction based on the Ohio English Language Proficiency Standards.  The Ohio English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards is a resource for teachers and other school staff who work with limited English proficient (LEP) students in kindergarten through grade 12. The standards define progressive levels of competence in the acquisition of English, and help teachers move LEP students toward proficiency both in the English language and in Ohio’s academic content standards.

Identification of students with limited English proficiency begins with the Home Language Survey.  The Home Language Survey is completed at the time of enrollment or upon referral by teachers or parents.  Based on the Home Language Survey, students who show characteristics of being limited English proficient are referred for further assessment by our TESOL certified staff.  Standardized testing, using the IPT- Idea Proficiency Test assesses the language fundamentals of speaking, listening, reading and writing.  Results from the IPT indicate the identification of Limited English Proficiency and help to determine the level of support a student will need.

Students identified as Limited English Proficient are required to take the Ohio Test of English Language Acquisition (OTELA).  The OTELA is administered over a period of time in the months of January and February. Click here for more information.

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