Student Showcase 2021

We are proud to share outstanding student work from throughout the district over the 2020-2021 school year. Take a look!


6th Grade “Shark Tank” Video Gallery

Dry and Water Sustainability Projects 


“Caine’s Arcade” 6th grade STEAM 

How can I use the Design Process to collaborate with a partner or group to create an arcade style game using cardboard and other supplies. Fairview Advantage Skills Focus: Innovate, Communicate, Collaborate. In this project you will use the Design Process to create an arcade style game that other students will get a chance to play. 

Battle Bot project – 6th grade STEAM

In this activity you will work with a partner (or partners) to create a Battle Bot using a cup, tongue depressors, wooden dowels pip cleaners and a balloon. You and your partner (or partners) will then put the cup on a Sphero robot to move and control your Battle Bot during the competition. After you compete in the Battle Bot competition, you will share a portfolio post that shows your experience with photos and/or videos.

“Zoo Animal Research Project” 
Mrs. Laughlin, Mrs. Kellner, Miss Smith, Mrs. Lackey – Kindergarten – Subjects- literacy, science, social studies
The kindergarten students completed a research project about zoo animals.  Each student chose an animal of their interest, researched facts about that animal, created a chatter pics with a QR code, and created the animal out of paper. Next, the students were given the opportunity  to do a gallery walk to learn about the different animals that their classmates have researched.  Students were able to scan their classmates’ QR codes to learn something new.  

“Ohio Wildlife Research Project” by Jamie D.
Miss Miller – 1st grade
Students chose a wild animal that lives in Ohio to research and learn more about.  They created a project to share what they discovered and presented it to the class.

Middle School Art Exhibition – Mrs. Clouse 


Stella Caldwell, Junior
Solo and Ensemble Contest
J.S. Bach Cello Suite No. 2 Sarabond
Kelli Widman, Sophomore
Solo and Ensemble Contest
Vivaldi Viola Concerto
Alexa Prifti, 7th Grade
Solo and Ensemble Contest
Violin Solo
Niyla Reaves, 7th Grade
Solo and Ensemble Contest


“The Progressive Presidents” -APUSH/Mrs. Hignite/Grade 10 – Students: Eva K., Livia K., Hannah A

APUSH post-exam project – students got to pick any topic in U.S. History and create any creative project they wanted over the last few weeks. This group of kids chose the Progressive Presidents and made a music video to the tune of a Hamilton song.


Passion Projects – Mrs. Petruzzi, 3rd Grade 

How to Make Baked Goods – Aubrey S.

Mysterious Careers – Natasha S.

Penny Lift -Wind Turbine – Miss Gallagher- Third Grade 
The students completed this project during their Wind Energy Unit in which we based the unit off of the book, “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.”  Each student learned that efficient blades will provide maximum torque with minimum drag.  The end goal was to see how many pennies you could lift with your wind turbine.
Brooklyn S.