Welcome from the 8th Grade Team

Welcome to 8th grade! We are excited for this school year. Below you will find helpful resources we will use frequently throughout the year.


In preparation for next week’s transition to hybrid learning, please be mindful of the following:


  • Expectations for “Remote Signed In” Students
    • Must sign in to Google Meet class at the beginning of the scheduled class period
    • Must stay on the call as long as the teacher requires for that period
    • Participate in work/discussions/etc. as required
  • In Building Etiquette
    • Please watch the video sent out by school for guidance on the following:
      • Arrival and dismissal procedures
      • Traveling through the school
      • Lockers/lunch procedure
    • Please come no more than 10-15 minutes before school starts. Students can stay in the cafeteria if necessary but we want to keep these numbers as low as possible.
    • Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth
    • If you need a mask break, ask and then go to designated area
    • Food only during designated time in classroom – clean up your area and throw away all trash
    • Bring a water bottle with your name on it- drinking fountains are closed, bottle fillers are open
    • Follow one-way hallway and stairway markings
    • Study Halls
      • If you have 2nd/3rd, 8th/9th study hall, you do not need to report
      • If you have study hall 4th-7th, you will report to the cafeteria.
    • Office hours– Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (7:45-8:30)  are to work with teachers by invitation or student request (could be virtual or in person)


We look forward to seeing the students in the building next week and starting this new phase of learning!

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Goals and Major Work of 8th Grade 

We strive to integrate life skills, rigorous learning, and innovative methods by providing relevant, real-world experiences that will prepare our students for any future. Eighth grade students will develop the tools to effectively communicate with others and confidently interact in our global environment. Our teachers deliver quality academics, weaving human connections with state-of-the-art technology. We cultivate and engage in positive relationships that foster student growth and build strong communities.

8th Grade Teachers and Staff 

Mrs. Arancibia [email protected]  |  Google Classroom 

Mr. Barry [email protected]  |  Google Classroom 

Mr. Britton [email protected] | GoogleClassroom 

Mr. Broschk [email protected]  | Google Classroom

Mrs. Cataldo [email protected]  | GoogleClassroom 

Mr. Cibulskas   [email protected] | Google Classroom Band Website

Mrs. Clouse [email protected]  |  GoogleClassroom 

Mrs. Cory [email protected]    |   Counselor

Mrs. Dill [email protected] |  Librarian/8th Gr. Mentor

Mrs. Delis [email protected]   |  Google Classroom

Mrs. Frygier [email protected]  |  Teacher Website  Google Classroom

Mrs. Karliak [email protected]  |  Google Classroom Choir Website 

Mrs. Ku [email protected]  |  Google Classroom 

Mrs. McIntyre [email protected] | Google Classroom

Mr. Morrison [email protected] |Google Classroom 

Mrs. Needham [email protected] |  Google Classroom Orchestra Website

Mrs. Oxley [email protected]      |  GoogleClassroom

Mrs. Peters [email protected]  |  Google Classroom

Miss  Rossen [email protected]  |  GoogleClassroom 

Mr. Slack [email protected]      | GoogleClassroom

Mr. Ziemnik [email protected] | PLP/Google Classroom 


8th Grade Resources 

Google Classroom 

Summit Learning Platform 

Electives Weekly Class Updates




Desmos Graphing Calculator

Desmos Scientific Calculator



Explore Learning Gizmos

FHS/MMS Library

Khan Academy 


Noteflight Help (for band, orchestra, and choir members)