Welcome from the FHS Science Department

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Greetings from the Science Department! We aim to make science a hands on learning experience through fun and safe projects, labs and activities. If there is something that you are interested in, then let us know and we will find where it fits in our curriculum.


Goals and Major Work for the Science Department

We hope that as you move through your science classes you encounter some interesting or inspiring ideas, concepts or material. We currently offer the following HS Science classes: Biology (and ADV Bio), Material Science, Chemistry (and ADV Chem), Physics, AP Physics 1, Environmental Science, Anatomy and Physiology, and AP Biology.

High School Science Department Staff

Mr. Bruening: Biology, ADV Biology, & AP Biology
Email: [email protected]
Communication via Google Classroom (email for link)
Classes found on Summit PLP.  Daily information on appropriate links below:
Today in Biology
Today in ADV Biology
Today in AP Biology

Mrs. Sliwinski:
Biology, Anat & Phys, & Environmental Science     
Email: [email protected]
Biology: Summit PLP/Today in Biology
Anatomy & Physiology, Environmental Science: Google Classroom

Mrs. Houser: Materials Sci, Physics & AP Physics
Email: [email protected]
Google Classroom

Mrs. Kim: Materials Sci, Chemistry & ADV Chem
Email: [email protected]
Google Classroom

In order to view Google Classroom or Summit Learning assignments and information, please contact your child’s teachers via email for an individualized access code for your child.


Science Department Resources 

Interactive Periodic Table Explore Learning  (Gizmos)

Google Classroom Summit Learning Platform 

Explore Learning  (Gizmos) Phet

Fairview MS/HS Library


6th Grade Science

7th Grade Science 

8th Grade Science