Welcome from the Mathematics Department

Welcome to Fairview High School Mathematics!  We are excited for this school year. Below you will find helpful resources we will use frequently throughout the year. 

Goals for the Learning of Mathematics (9-12) 

  • To aspire a love and appreciation of mathematics. 
  • To prepare for high-paying and high-quality jobs that improves one’s quality of life.  
  • To gather and understand information, think critically, and become good problem solvers.
  • To be well-informed and better-prepared members of a community.
  • To appreciate the beauty and complexity of the arts, nature, and so much more of our world.

Fairview High School Mathematics Teachers and Staff 

Mrs. Gefell, Algebra 2/Trig , Advanced Algebra 2/Trig, [email protected] Classes are on Google Classroom  

Mr. Korey, Contemporary Mathematics, Math Analysis, Advanced Pre-Calculus, [email protected]
Classes are on Google Classroom

Mr. Morrison, Geometry, Advanced Geometry, AP Calculus, [email protected]
Courses can be found on the PLP and Google Classroom

Mrs. Nagy, Algebra 1, [email protected]  Teacher Website

Mr. Ziemnik, Algebra 1, Advanced Algebra 1, [email protected], Classes can be found on the PLP and Google Classroom


In order to view Google Classroom or Summit Learning assignments and information, please contact your child’s teachers via email for an individualized access code for your child. 


Mathematics (9-12) Resources 

Google Classroom 

Summit Learning Platform 


Desmos Graphing Calculator

Desmos Scientific Calculator

Khan Academy 

Edmentum (Study Island and Exact Path)

Explore Learning Gizmos