High School Physical Education/Health

Welcome from Mr. Friel, High School PE/Health Teacher

My name is Mr. Friel, this is my 31st year at Fairview High School, 1-year at Defiance, and 2 years at Toledo St. John’s. Former FHS Head Track & Field / Cross Country Coach and former Varsity Asst. Football Coach.  I look forward to a great year, and I will help you in any way I can. I truly believe that physical education/health is an extremely important part of every person’s life.  Our goal is to help you to fully understand the importance and benefits of regular activity. Physical Education will help improve your physical, emotional, and mental health through movement and exercise.  Health Education is a combination of learning, understanding, and becoming knowledgeable of the different health issues in our society. Our Health classes will cover topics pertaining to maintaining a healthy body, mind, and attitude.


Fairview High School Physical Education / Health:

Mr. Friel can be reached at [email protected] 

I will be inviting you to join “Google Classroom for PE/Health” via your school email in Google Classroom and from a group email I will build.  I will post all my materials of class guidelines and other procedures on Google classroom for you to review. 


 Physical Education:

Dynamic / Flexibility / Mobility Exercises

How to build muscle without weights

4 week training to run a mile

Basic Cardio Workouts


Health Education:

CPR Cardiopulminary Resuscitation:

10 things you can do for your Mental Health

Health Eating

Teenagers: How to stay healthy