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Hola from Spanish

Welcome to español! ! We are excited for this school year. Below you will find helpful resources we will use frequently throughout the year. 

Goals of the Spanish classroom: 

In our Spanish classes we grow our reading, writing, speaking, listening and intercultural skills. We start with where each student is and encourage them to continue to build throughout their senior year to become as bilingual (or in some cases, multilingual) as possible. Our classes truly prepare students for the interconnected world that we find ourselves in.


Your Spanish teacher 

Sra. (señora/Mrs.) Arancibia [email protected]


Google Classroom:

Spn. 1:
Second Period

Ninth Period

Spn. 2:
Third Period

Eighth Period

Spn. 3: Seventh Period

Spn. 4: Fourth Period


Bienvenue à la classe de français! Welcome from French Class!

This year will be like none other and I am looking forward to working with you. Below you will find resources we will use frequently throughout the year.

Course Goals

In our French classes we will focus on learning the French language. We will read, write, speak and listen in French. We will learn new vocabulary and grammar in order to communicate in French. We will also learn about the French and Francophone (French-speaking) cultures.

Teacher Contact Information

Mme. Peters, French [email protected] 


Google Classroom:

French 1: 2nd Period

French 1: 7th Period

French 2: 6th Period

French 2: 8th Period

French 3: 5th Period

Adv. French 4: 9th Period