Super Pops Concert Schedule

“Pop” on over to Super Pops at FHS on Saturday, May 6, to hear musicians from 5th-12th grades perform at this day-long festival. Admission wristbands are $5 and allows guests to enter and exit throughout the day, plus a bag of popcorn. Performances being at 1 p.m. and go every half hour until 8 p.m.



1:00       Gilles Sweet 5th Grade Band

1:30       Gilles Sweet 5th Grade Orchestra

2:00       Mayer Middle School 6th Grade Choir

2:30       Mayer Middle School 6th Grade Band

3:00       Mayer Middle School 6th Grade Orchestra

3:30       Mayer Middle School 6th Trash Can Band

4:00       Mayer Middle School Concert Choir (7-8)

4:30       Mayer Middle School Concert Orchestra (7-8)

5:00       Mayer Middle School Concert Band (7-8)

5:30       FHS Scarlet Singers

6:00       FHS Chorale

6:30       FHS Jazz Band

7:00       FHS Chamber

7:30       FHS String Orchestra

8:00       FHS Symphonic Band & Symphony Orchestra


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