Understanding an Incomplete Grade in the PLP

An Incomplete is an indication that–at a specific point in time–a student:


  • May not have completed all projects in a course
  • May have cognitive skill averages below 70%
  • May have math concept unit scores below 70%
  • May be off pace, or off track, on power focus area
  • An Incomplete can be overcome, and you can help your son or daughter:
  • If your student has overdue/incomplete projects or Math concept units  in a course, ask him or her to show you the PLP  page for that project. Teachers typically mark off steps (called Checkpoints) that have been completed and steps that have not, so that you can get an idea of where your student is in the project.  Encourage your student to reach out to the teacher for that course. It is important for students to not let missing projects last for too long, or it becomes far more difficult to complete the learning at a high level.
  • If your student is off-track for Content Assessments in a course, ask him or her to show you where and how they take notes in preparation for Content Assessments. Students should work on note-taking and practice for Content Assessments for daily–in class with teacher’s help nearby, in study hall or academic support, or for homework.  If your student is not doing so, that could help explain why they are off-track.  Check if there are any Content Assessments your student has attempted but not passed in the This Year page in the platform.  If your student is trying the Content Assessments, but not passing them, encourage him/her to reach out to the   additional support.


Watch the Grading in the PLP Video

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